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Wow, I am sleeping almost like a human!

       In case you don't know I usually only sleep about 4 hours a night. Sigh.. as you can imagine I am foggy all day long from lack of Zzz's. Why don't I sleep? Well some of it is not enough exercise, some is stress related, and some is probably just me. From what my mother told me I was never much of a sleeper even as an infant.

  I am well into my forties now (did I really just type that for the whole world to see?)

So I have tried stuff here and there over the decades and I would get a 'good' night sleep or two and BAM ... it wouldn't work any more.

  Now I am not expecting to sleep like a log and get eight hours right off the bat.

I am happy to sleep a little better, not be so foggy the next day and differently do not want to feel drugged the next day.

 In my quest for a decent to get a good night sleep that is more then an occasional fling with the Sandman. I have tried over the counter drugs, prescription drugs, herbal concoctions, Asian medicine and supplements.. including a few brands of sublingual CBD tinctures.  With all I had little to no effect on my sleep for more the a couple of nights. 

 So with great hesitation I just decided to try CBD once again, not just any CBD a full spectrum CBD. Full spectrum has CBN, CBL, CBCVA, and of course CBD. 

Read more about the difference Here.

So I chose Zakah Life  because it has no chemical fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides. Best of all it just has organic coconut oil (MCT) and organic agricultural hemp extract oil.

So here is what happened...

Day 1:  took one capsule around noon, didn't feel anything really different.

Day 2: woke feeling that I 'may' have slept a little better, took one capsule again around noon

Day 3: slept in! Like almost two hours of more sleep. I noticed that the background foggy feeling wasn't as prominent.

Day 4: had about the same 6 hours as night before and slept really deep! took dose about 2-3 pm. 

Day 5: slept like a effing rock! Was I a ball of energy NO did I feel like I could take over the world, no more then normally. But that heavy background foggy feeling seemed like a bad memory. Took capsule late 8pm or so

Day 6: NOTE TO SELF.. don't take it so late at night. Had trouble falling asleep but I did once again slept 6+ hours. My skepticial brain decided to skip today.

Day 7: I slept pretty well. Didn't notice much difference in the morning but by late afternoon Hello heavy fog! Didn't take supplement again.

Day 8: slept like shit.. maybe three hours and was broken up. As you all know I am sometimes gluten for punishment and I really wanted to make sure this full spectrum hemp was the cause of my ' good sleeping nights I had, I skipped dose again.

Day 9: Did I sleep? Umm you guessed it hardly at all.. took one full spectrum hemp  capsule at 10 am.. mentally I felt reassured, physically I'm sure it was the same as day one.

Day 10: slept over 5 hours and most importantly I felt like I really slept. I don't think I really know what that was till I started taking Zakah life supplements.

 I will be taking this daily, well almost daily from now on. 

I if you are interested I have some in stock and it retails for $74.95 in my opinion it is worth every penny. 

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