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Love Day <3

We all know Valentine's day is a day in February, and why do we all think we have to show everyone else love? What better way to spread the love than by falling in love with yourself. It's important to love yourself, it builds confidence so you can reach your goals, so now you can catch that dream you've been chasing. You'll also be happier because you are taking your care of yourself and be able to make healthier decisions. So go, draw a bubble bath and light some candles, set the mood with some music or go climb a mountain to reach that awestruck viewpoint that makes the climb so bewildering and feel the glow, and self-worth grow. There is nothing wrong with a little self-love and Fig Tree Bodyworks is offering a 15-minute sauna session with all of their services.

Need a why?

Massages are proven to help with mental health, over a long period it can even improve your energy levels. How? Getting a massage aids with blood circulation, so where ever you feel stiff or sore you’ll be getting the proper blood flow repairing tissue from life's struggles! Why not pair it with a facial or a beautiful wax, finish it off by sitting in the sauna and feel the glow baby, yourself worth is everything and then some.

-Ayla M. Donohue <3

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